Human With You Collection

Hello beautiful humans, 
Rooted in kindness, Human With You™ (@humanwithyou on social media), is a movement by The Able Fables® that celebrates the abundant diversity of the human race. 20% of our profits are donated to a non-profit organization that serves individuals with our at risk of mental illness.
It is our hope that you wear this shirt proudly, because you believe in the power of its message. 
Whoever you are, whatever your abilities, whoever you love, whatever your race, religion, socioeconomic status, we want you to know - we love you, you have great purpose, you can do great things, & we want you here. 
We all walk through darkness. We all have mountains to climb.
Let us journey with a kind heart, kind words, and a kind mind. 
My name is Nicole, mental health occupational therapist, author of The Able Fables, daughter, sister, welcomer, people lover, and idea person.
I want you to know, it's an honor being human with you.